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  • Requisitions

    Please change the filename of your requisition to [YOUR NAME + TODAY'S DATE]

    (e.g.: Katie Anderson - November 15, 2017)


    Don't forget to SHARE with kanderson@candorcs.org! :)

  • Education Law 2-d

    Education Law 2-d ("Ed Law 2-d) was modified in January 2019 to require that any services which collect personally identifiable information (PII) from students attest that they will employ certain practices to safeguard the data they collect. Part of this law requires that school districts have written contracts with each vendor of a service that are utilized by the district. For Teachers: this means that all services used must be approved by the District* before they are whitelisted (allowed to be used). *Please note that this only applies to student data. If you are the only one signing up for a new tech tool, we do not need to have an agreement signed. Please follow the below process to start using a tech tool:

    Check below to see if the tech tool is already approved for use at Candor.



    If the tech tool you'd like to use is already on the "Approved" list, no further action is needed. Enjoy!

    Submit Request for tech tool approval

    Please click the button below to complete a request for a service agreement with the vendor of the service you'd like to use.

    We will be in touch!

    We will request that the vendor of the tech tool sign the Candor CSD Parent Bill of Rights and Privacy Agreement, signifying compliance with the requirements of Education Law 2-d.


    If the vendor signs the agreements, we will add this to the approved services list, and let you know. You can now use the service with students. Have fun!


    If the vendor refuses, we will be in contact to suggest possible alternatives.

    This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, so please plan accordingly (and practice patience)!

  • Calendars & Schedules

    Please Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, alternative schedules will be used. Please see the reopening plan for the most up-to-date information.

    This document lists the school days and weeks per month. It also features the start and end dates for each academic quarter, as well as due dates for grades.

  • High School Faculty & Staff Forms

    Time Off & Extra In-Service Pay Requests

    Updated February 2021

    Click above
    to schedule an absence and assign a sub.


    IMPORTANT: Please add pertinent information in the Notes to Administrator field, including whether or not your absence is COVID-19 related.

    When you are done, please complete the Form (Step 2) to by clicking the icon directly to the right.

    Updated February 2021

    Please use AESOP / Absence Management to log your absence in Faculty Absence Request (Step 1) to the left.


    THEN, please complete the Google Form by clicking the icon or text above [Faculty Absence Request (Step 2)].

    Note: you will need to submit your AESOP/Absence Management Confirmation number, so be sure to create your absence there first!

    Please do not fill this out until you are ready to turn in all of your completed paperwork.


    You will need:

    1. Conference and/or Travel Request form - filled out digitally and finalized online. 
    2. The conference registration form. Filled out send to Katie (via email or hard copy) 
    3. Requisitions (if there are any fees at all) - I need separate requisitions for the conference, hotel and food/drink.
      Note: *Food/drink will ALWAYS come out of your department budget code- so please don't leave the encumbrance code blank. You still need to fill out requisitions even if you plan on getting reimbursed from the teachers center.


    This form will cover your field trip request and your transportation request, as well as send Cathy Doane a notification of your trip.


    Once your request is approved you will receive an email saying so. Please keep in contact with Holly Carling (hcarling@candorcs.org) to secure your bus/van.


    Once the trip gets closer please send Cathy (cdoane@candorcs.org) a detailed list of your attendees.


  • Athletics Dept. Forms

    These forms are PDF scans of "hard copy" documents. They must be printed and filled in manually.

  • High School Building Forms

    Announcements, Facilities, & Maintenance Requests

    Candor uses ML Schedules to process requests. Please follow the signup instructions provided at the link above.

    Must be submitted by 7:30 AM on the day the announcement is to be made, at the latest.

    If you need to fill out an accident report, you can make a digital copy here.


    Please make a copy, rename the file with the student's name, and share with Sarah Bast.

    If there is a student in need of Social Emotional Support, please notify the Guidance Office by filling out the form linked above.

  • Tech Help - Ben

    Click the icon below to access Ben's tech help calendar. You must be logged in with your candorcs.org account to schedule a time.

    No need to email! Just click the icon or link to schedule a time to work together.


    Please note: If you are having a hardware or connectivity issue (e.g.: WiFi / Printer issue), please contact Mike Williams at mwilliams@candorcs.org.

    Did you miss the EPSON Projector training sessions in March? Click the icon or link to access quick interactive tutorial videos.

    Projector QUESTIONS?

    If you still have questions about your projector after checking out the help resources, feel free to fill out this form. Ben will get back to you ASAP.

  • Library of Things & Instructional Tech Page